These pages are  mainly  about "headless" Riverhead guitars and basses. Impulse to make  these sites came when I bought "headless" guitar that  had no paint or any  logos or  labels on  it.  The  guitar  was  repainted silver color and restripped again before it came to me. Now the guitar has only  thin lacquer coat on it. After making prolonged guestions at newsgroups the name of the guitar  cleared and  also it came clear that there is not much information available about Riverheads. And at least  in Northern Europe Riverhead is quite unknown Japanese trademark.

The Headway Co. / Deviser finished manufacturing these models of headless  guitars and basses several years ago. Unfortunately a massive fire in their factory destroyed all stock and machinery and the company went bust with not many of these models actually being sold....that's one reason they are coming rare . Headway was then and is still one of the most popular acoustic  guitarbrand in Japan.  Nowadays  The Headway Co./ Deviser  has a  new collection of guitars  and  basses. These sites are mainly about those older "headless" models. Notable players for Riverheads include Dave Pegg of Jethro Tull.

  At  the end of these guitarsites are  few  pages where I have some own "things" like  paintings, self-
made guitars, amplifiers etc. You are Welcome!

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